The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality.

~Henri Cartier Bresson

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hancock County Photography Club

As the look on Max's face denotes; WHAT'S UP!?!?!?
Well, as Doug just said in an email response to me, “Have you always been a glutton for punishment or is this a new thing?”..yup I am and have been for quite some time, anothe fellow photog once told me organizing any club is like trying to herd cats..hey, I like cats so no problem!
What is all this garbage about…..well…..once again there will be a new Photography Club in the area! The “Hancock County Photography Club” will hold its first meeting on Monday October 4th at 7PM in the Dining Room of Meadow View Apartments located at 25 Tweedie Lane here in Ellsworth. With a great deal of help from Mary Ellen Martel we are once again off-n-running! Here is the scoop …..waaay back in September of 1988 I started a club out of lack of communications with like minded souls that love this great art form. It evolved into the Ellsworth Photographic Society and towards the end it became the Ellsworth Photo Club. It lasted almost 20 accumulated years but fell short of the anniversary. We feel now is the time to start fresh and to make sure that one thing is right up front, all individuals, no matter if they shoot film, digital, glass plate, tin types, even Holgas, and also ANY experience levels are more than welcome to attend!!
The common factor we all have is the love of images and what the say to us in their special language!
7PM Monday October 4th, we look forward to meeting up with you. Meadow View Dining Hall is 3/10 mile past the hospital on Union Street on the right, brown sign that says Meadow View in yellow lettering, large yellow building on the left, dining hall front and center! Further info email me at or call me at 460-0093 brfore 9PM..I need my beauty sleep…….all I can get.

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