The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality.

~Henri Cartier Bresson

Monday, September 27, 2010

Right Upside the Head..POW!

Well it had to happen..I sat facing my two fellow OF’s (Old Farts), Burt and wait, not Earnie..Skip, that’s it…Skip. Skip called me late in the afternoon; he wanted to meet with Burt and I before the first meeting of the new Hancock County Photo Club. Something about hitting me ‘upside’ the head when not witnessed by Club members. Seems just because of my life long pattern of wishy-washy attitudes towards photography and also my equally, some might call unstable, outlook about photography clubs and that recently Skip reminded me that organizing photo clubs is like herding felines (Have I mentioned I like cats!?) that I should probably be instutionalized or at least medicated….heavily. Well, the OFs held a meeting at the local Deny’s and when all were present I leaned over the table and Skip wacked me upside the cranium. Burt, level headed as he is 95% of the time (percentage varies but he is actually quite stable!) kinda just looked at me and then looked at Skip with a large WTF grin. And also kinda shaking his head like “what am I doing sitting here with these two knuckleheads. Well a short explanation by OF Skip and all was well. I then advised that the past 45 years of my life I had focused (pun intended) on B&W analog photography and that by eliminating all the pressure of having two complete darkroom setups sitting there staring at me, I was now on a new adventure in life. I advised them that I was now on a mission to make Pete Turner’s color photos look like dull chalk pastel paintings. Oh the joys of deep saturated color. I am now seeing in color which for the past few decades has been put on the back burner. The only color I have dealt with in B&W photography has been the filters of red and yellow for film shooting and the muted gels of VC printing filters…blah! Anywho, Skip and Burt sat there staring at me like I had been out in Allen’s field foraging for those Psilocybin mushrooms that alter your outlook on life for the rest of whatever you have remaining. Skip turned to Burt and muttered, “He will be looking for darkroom equipment before long, trust me”, Burt nodded in agreement. I am on a mission folks, support my mission, if you have darkroom equipment for sale....DO NOT mention it to me..please. I am having a blast with me with my cold turkey me those memory cards!

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