The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality.

~Henri Cartier Bresson

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stop Taking Pictures and Start Producing Photographs

Interesting meeting last night of the Hancock County Photography Club (HCPC). Small turnout but lots of interesting dialogue on what we wanted to see in the future for topics to be discussed, possible guest speakers and such. Normal club-fare. One area we mentioned was the basics of photography and how they pertain to today’s digital shooters who have little if none background in analog photography. I have stood on many soapboxes here in this blog about my feelings about at least learning what a f-stop is, what a shutter speed is and how they relate to each other in producing a image that is acceptable to you. Remember, first and foremost you are shooting for you…make yourself smile about an image and others will be infected as well. Back to the allows someone to start off running the marathon without learning to walk first…great photos..or should I say pictures. There is a difference you know. Get to learn the very basics of this great artform and you will stop taking pictures and then start producing photographs..believe me, it works.

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